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The Cold Water Project

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

 Following my successful adventure and World Record crossing of the English Channel, I will now embark upon my next project... and exciting UKbased kitesurfing film called the Cold Water Project.

The film / documentary will follow me as I travel the British Isles to discover the raw and savage beauty of the British coastline during the winter months. The objective is to uncover some amazing and undiscovered locations within the British Isles and to totally push the limits of kitesurfing and kite some incredibly dangerous breaks. The film project will then be aired across the Nautical Channel, showing in 34 countries with an audience of over 20million. CAN YOU HELP? So far, I have the support of some excellent brands and sponsors and the support of an incredibly powerful channel to air the final product. However, I need to build a team and I need support. Can you help with any of the following: Videography - looking for specialist camera person, ideally from a surf background, not afraid to venture in to the unknown with me. Production - The Nautical Channel can support me with production but ideally I need to build a small team to support and help with this project. Vehicle Sponsorship - I need an exploration vehicle and something that will act as a base for me in between filming and whilst traveling. Ideally, van or 4x4, any automotive brand that can support will be guaranteed some excellent exposure. Sponsorship Revenue - Any brand looking to support the film project will be considered. Any revenue generated will go towards the final film production costs. GET IN TOUCH IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE www.samlp.co.uk"