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In October 2010, I set out from Brisbane, Australia on my Suzuki DR 350 motorcycle with the aim of being the first female to travel overland from Brisbane to Egypt and then circumnavigate Africa.

I hope to give women a glimpse into other womens lives as well as become a role model of strength, independence, and pioneering spirit for women all over the world. This is an adventure by one woman covering more than 70,000 kilometres over approximately two years. WHATS INVOLVED In the lead up to my departure, I want to demonstrate to followers of my adventures, the necessary steps to launch into an epic journey as well as the skills that are required. I made the decision to design, develop and construct my own equipment as it is a way of for me to make sure my motorcycle is mechanically sound and I will be able to fix all mechanic problems that occur.

Although it is a long and difficult process that requires a lot of time and methodology, it is essential to the success of any trip. This adventure revolves around the itinerary from Australia to Africa, a journey of 70,000 kilometres, through 44 countries. Once leaving Brisbane, following small outback roads, I will head north to Darwin. Loading my motorcycle on to the ferry where I will disembark in Dili, Timor. Island hopping my way through Indonesia, I will eventually arrive in Malaysia. Once in Malaysia, I will arrange to have my motorcycle disassembled to fit into the requirements of a shipping crate and send it by aeroplane to Sri Lanka. After circumnavigating Sri Lanka, I will once again prepare my motorcycle for transport to India. Starting from the south of India, I will make my way north to the Pakistan boarder. Crossing Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Israel I want to arrive in Egypt, I will begin my circumnavigation of Africa, by heading down the east coast to South Africa, and up through the west.

Due to the volatile nature of some countries, my route through will have to be fluid and allow for unexpected changes. Awards Reciever of the 2010 'Nancy Bird Walton Sponsorship For Adventurous Woman' from the Australian Geographic Society. In 2011 became a Jupiter's Traveller from The Ted Simon Foundation. Sponsors Australian Geographic,Sea to Summit,Adventuremoto.com.au,AXO,Cascade Designs, barkbusters Handguards, IMS, Tyres 4 Bikes, Pivot Pegz, Spider Grips,Vince Strang Motorcycles, Motion Pro, Buff (R) andOlympus My previous experiences include: 2009-2010 Patagonia South America. 3500 kilometres. I followed one of the toughest roads in South America The Ruta 40. Leaving from Ushuaia Argentina, I travelled north through Chile to Mendoza, Argentina. Catching a glimpse of the Paris Dakar rally, I heard about Annie Steel, a 47-year-old woman finishing 47th overall and winning the womens trophy.

I might have just found my next dream 2008 Thailand : Moscow Adventure. 27,000 kilometres. Travelling completely unsupported on my Honda XR 250. I flew my motorcycle from Brisbane, Australia to Bangkok, Thailand. From there I set out on a ten-month trip through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, across Siberia to Mongolia and then back into Russia. As a solo female, I found whenever I removed my helmet I received an amazing reception, once the locals discovered I was a woman. 2006-2007 Laos Hiring a motorcycle in Vientiane, Laos I headed up into the mountains taking a scenic back route to some of Laos most amazing hidden gems. I discovered later that I had stumbled my way into the Saysamboune Special Military Zone. Its a place where the Hmong people used to be trained to fight the Vietcong. It is now a military zone. News travelled fast, and the army quickly escorted me away from this area with old AK47s slung over their shoulders.

For more information on my adventures, please visit either of the following: motomonkeyadventures.com - facebook.com/motomonkeyadventures

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