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Mission Without Map

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

My Argentinian wife, Ayelen and I need to get ourselves in trouble. The plan, an old dream of mine, is to get to Kashgar in western China, go to the famous horse and camel market there, buy three horses and head off into the vastness to see how far we can get before we have to eat the horses!

OK, realistically we'll want to be selling the horses in the end, not eating them, but we don't yet know where we'll try to end up after 3-4 months and that's part of the plan too. Rather than follow a map we want to follow the leads presented to us by the people we meet along the way, so we won't be taking a map or GPS with us.

But we will be making a film of the journey and will be looking for a good human story to interweave with our own. To that end we may well look for a local companion to translate and become the third camera person for some or all of the journey. Above all we want to be tested. To get 3-4 months we'll have to get there by the beginning of February and it'll be very cold then.