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Mad about Africa

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

A motorcycle adventure around Africa Middle East! I was planning my next trip even before I finished my previous one! My great, my ultimate dream ever since my childhood has always been Africa.

The continent closer to the routes of mankind than any other is for many the temple of adventure. Well, I think its time to go on a pilgrimage This time we are dealing with an attempt even greater than my previous one, both in duration and the distance to be covered. The countries that wait for us to explore them are many more than the ones I visited on my previous journey, and their area is enormous, so we should definitely exceed 100,000 km. (62,138 miles) of riding, perhaps even more than 150,000 km (93,207 miles)! Besides Africa we will be wandering through Middle East as well. Its ahead of us any way ;-) Why do I use the plural form?

This time I wont be travelling solo. My girlfriend, Christina, will come along in a big part of the journey. Therefore, we will be riding two motorcycles, in order to focus again on nature and off-roading, something that we are very passionate about. Nothing fancy, just two lightweight enduros like the XR 250 I rode on my previous trip. The travelling recipe remains the same: innumerous detours, in order to visit everything interesting, years on the road, to catch the scent of the local societies we are visiting, always guided by the love for People and Nature. mad about Africa is on the stage of intensive preparation, meaning that I'm fully occupied on a daily basis organising this trip, while Christina is helping me out whenever she can, due to her heavy schedule.

We hope that we will hit the road on May 2013, 'In Sha Allah', as our Muslim friends use to say We intended to start our journey through Middle East, but due to the political instability and all the massacres taking place in the area in the last year, we are obliged to start our trip through Europe. We will explore the Balkans, we will be riding on the Alps and, crossing Portugal and the Gibraltar Straits, we will make our pass to the African continent through Morocco.

Next, moving more or less close to the West Coast of Africa we will reach Cape Town in South Africa. We will continue our trip through the African East Coast and, hopefully, a few years later, if the political conditions in North Africa and Middle East are more stable, we will be able to explore these lands as well.