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How do I embark on a career in Expedition Leading?

OtherJames Hipkiss

Hi there! I've been incredibly interested in working as an expedition leader now for about 4 years. Recently I've begun to realise just how much this line of work excites and interests me so I've been seriously considering it.

However it seems that it's incredibly hard to find much information about where to start. Being 20 years old, i don't have the money to gain travel experience. I can just about afford to save for a ML qualification but surely this is not enough to actually get employed by anybody?

There are various other courses, such as Trekforce's Expedition Leader Training Program which i have extensively looked in to, but at nearly 8000 in costs, it simply is not an option for me. Any advice or information would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Anywhere would be a good place to start!