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Expedition Yemen By Camel

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

Last week, Mikael Strandberg started on his latest expedition to travel through Yemen on camel-back from Zabid on the coast to the capital of Sanaa. The journey is 1300km in length but it is not just the physical challenge that makes this adventure interesting...Mikael I want to cross the most interesting and beautiful country on earth,Yemen, from the west to the east by camel.

A journey starting in Al Hudaydah and ending at the Omani border. It is 1300 kilometres consisting of very demanding and extreme nature, through one of the hottest deserts on earth, Rub Al-Khali and through mountains over 3600 metres. I will travel in local dress, for comfort and to show my deep respect for the country, together with a Yemeni who speaks English. It is a historical journey.I don't know about anyone in modern times who have done a journey like this. And I don't know about any film maker who both have had the experience of doing hard journeys like this and who also have the knowledge needed to do a profound, fair and bridge building documentary about this amazing country. Through this documentary I want to try to explain, in a simple easy way, the world of the Arabs, Islam, Muslims and the Middle East. Theres no better place in the Middle east to do this than the oldest Arab country of them all, Yemen. This I will do by crossing this geographically rich country from West to East by meeting ordinary Yemenis and documenting their daily lives.I can say, after having spent half a year in this extra ordinary country 2009 plus that I have spent the last 25 years visiting more than 120 countries, that Yemen is one of the most fantastic countries on earth, both visually and challenging. And with the most passionate people I have ever come across. I also want this fact to become known to the rest of the world! It will be a positive, educating, culturally bridge building, raw, simple and inspiring documentary which will make us all more open, understanding, and lively and integrated!

I have spent the last 3 years building up contacts and knowledge about this enthralling part of the world. It will be my fourth documentary for Swedish TV which has caught the viewing attention of 1/3rd of the Swedes