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Calling all Teachers!

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Education Through Expeditions (ETE) is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that was founded by Plymouth born Polar Explorer, Antony Jinman, in January 2010.

ETE was formed with the purpose of connecting explorers and researchers with schools. Join ETE with a ?Welcome back to school discount of 15, making September's membership just �339 plus VAT. Through our online discussion boards, teachers and their classes can interact directly with explorers and scientists whist they are away on expeditions. ETE expeditions are structured well in advance so teachers can plan their lesson activities around an expedition of interest.

We cover expeditions to 5 environmental zones including Polar, Desert, Ocean, Rain Forest and Mountain. 100% of teachers involved in the Baffin Island (Arctic) project strongly agreed that: - being able to connect with real people in the Arctic made learning about the environment more engaging. - the interactive discussion board dramatically improved their class?s learning experience. - the educational information on the website was essential to learning. - the responses from scientists and personnel at Parks Canada were informative and inspiring. - students were more engaged than they would have been in a similar project that wasn?t interactive. As well as offering this fantastic interactive platform, ETE also delivers inspiring talks and activity workshops to schools, we have run over 250 presentations to date in schools.

For more information don't hesitate to give Josephine a call on 01752 588346, or email her on talk@etehome.org.