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Britain By Snorkel

CommunityJames Hipkiss

This summer Bristol Explorer, Andy Torbet, will be leaving the mountain of Cave, Trimix and Rebreather diving kit at home and getting back to basics.

He's setting off from 18th June to September to explore the UK with just a snorkel. This will include free diving into wrecks and through flooded mines, high altitude lakes, low altitude lakes, rivers, rapids, waterfalls, caves, canals, offshore islands and snorkelling with seal, basking sharks and otters along with some classic shore dives.

Some of the sites will be accessible to all and he hopes to inspire others to join him for certain days and nights. Some sites will be completely new and others a little more hazardous. It'll including trekking, sea kayaking, 700 foot abseils, tomb-stoning, deep water solo climbing, mountain biking and a lot of driving from Cape Wrath to Lands End.

Andy will be keeping Explorers Connect up to date with his progress, so keep a look out for his weekly blogs.