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Jeff Lowe's Metanoia

CommunityJames Hipkiss

In 1991 American climber Jeff Lowe completed a first ascent of the Eiger's famous North Face, climbing solo during winter up its very centre in his now legendary 'Metanoia' route.

He had to untie his rope, remove his backpack and free solo the last 50 meters to the summit where he was rescued by a helicopter just hours before a storm rolled in. It had taken him 9 days to complete the ascent. Now, 20 years on, climber Josh Wharton has recovered his pack from the ice on the mountain and returned it to Lowe. Lowe is currently directing an auto-biographical documentary which will combine speed climber Ueli Steck's attempt on the Metanoia route with details of his own life and specifically, encounters on the Eiger. The retrieval of his pack is part of this film, and the clip can be viewed here.

Narrated by Jon Krakauer and involving many other world renowned and respected members of the climbing community, the film is still in production.