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Pedal Powered Family hit the road

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

A family from Hamilton, Ontario have begun a 20,000km bicycle journey around Canada, the U.S.A, Mexico and Central America.

This however is no regular bike tour; Ruben and Heidi are bringing along 4 year old Eden and 18 month old Harper for the ride. On the 21st May the Vander-Kwaak family pedalled out of their front yard to 'clear skies and warm weather.' They believe the trip will combine and strengthen their core values of simple living, being environmentally conscious and instilling a spirit of adventure in their children. Heidi and Ruben have given up their jobs and rented out their house - they aim to show how life on the road can be a much less expensive endeavour than a year spent living a more 'regular' life.

Essentially the family's philosophy comes down to three key issues that they raise on their website: "What do we really need to survive, how much money does that actually take, and who could use the rest of the money that we earn for things that they need like food, water, education and medicine? Why save all that retirement time for when we?re old and our kids are grown? Why not take some of it now and live full lives with our kids as we nurture and raise them? What really changes the damaged systems we have in our society?  Money, resources and actual relationships with people. Getting to know your neighbour near and far, listening to their needs, and caring for them as you would yourself".