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Where should I learn to skydive in UK?

OtherJames Hipkiss

Howdy folks, 

I haven't caught up with any of you for some time now. I have been based in NZ for the past 12 months and it is just that little bit too far to pop back for drinks every month! I have received a couple of emails of late from Bristol Explorers members asking for advise on where they can learn to throw themselves out of a perfectly good aeroplane in the SW. So I thought I would share this: Best bet for skydiving in the SW would be http://www.skydiveukltd.com/aff.html Great place to do a tandem and then look at their AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) course. I have jumped here a few times and they are a good safe operation with good planes.

Another option for AFF, hop on a plane to Spain, better weather, super fast planes and guaranteed to get jumps in. I have jumped here heaps and its a great place! http://www.skydiveempuriabrava.com/noticia-news-22-2-AFF_SKYDIVING_COURSES_IN_SPAIN___250_EUROS_DISCOUNT.html My friend is running an AFF course in Spain at the above dropzone in June, this will be a great chance to jump with a really good instructor throughout the course and do some solo progression jumps afterwards. Courses running from 01 June-15 July. 

You could get your course done in 4/5 days. His name is Geoff Mundy. Email: mundyg@hotmail.com (Tell him I put you onto him) One more dropzone not too far from Bristol is http://www.netheravon.com/ have never jumped there but heard it is good place to jump. It is an army DZ but civilians jumps here also. If you have anymore questions, get in touch. Here's how my skydiving journey began... [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2LbE8-FFGs[/youtube]

I am looking forward to catching up at the April drinks, see you then.