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Discount with Bushcraft Expeditions - International Expeditions and UK Courses

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

All EC members have been offered a 10% discount to all expeditions and any UK courses with Bushcraft Expeditions. Bushcraft Expeditions have just added more 1 day UK workshop dates which are proving popular as Christmas gifts - Bushcraft Expeditions send a voucher/card to be given on the day. To take up this offer on the www.bushcraftexpeditions.com - you will need to add (Explorers) to the end of your second name on the online booking forms to receive your discount - deposits will be as normal and the discount will be deducted from your final payments.

All Bushcraft Expeditions terms and conditions apply with all bookings. (Due to the online payment system Bushcraft Expeditions use they cannot deduct 10% for their 1 day workshops immediately - so any one purchasing a workshop will need to pay in full and Bushcraft Expeditions will immediately reimburse them 10%) Happy Christmas from Explorers Connect and Bushcraft Expeditions!