Explorers Connect


We want to help members of the EC community find more adventures on their doorstep, seek like-minded people to go with and do it cheaper! We do this through our regional Facebook Groups. These are dedicated, online communities where you can easily post and connect with others in your area. Check out our Resources page too for ideas! 

Why do EC Local Communities exist?

Fancy going for a hike, a trail run, a wild camp or an open water swim but none of your friends are keen or they're too busy at the office to join you? That's why we've introduced EC Local Communities. We believe that being surrounded by like-minded people is the key to more adventures. EC is the original and biggest adventure community in the UK but we think its also the friendliest so please do join us in 2016

How does it work?

In the eight years that EC has been running one thing has become clear. Often, the major hurdle to having more adventures is simply not having a network of adventure-minded people around you. In 2015 we opened two 'local' EC Local Communities in Bristol and London and the response was amazing. Hundreds of people are now having more adventures with new friends.

Why do you arrange official EC Adventures?

We will continue to arrange official EC Adventures and special EC CLUB events as these help to financially support the website and free services offered and our members have asked us to keep running them! They also keep up the momentum; anyone can join, even if they 've not got time to arrange adventures themselves. But we believe there are a lot of opportunities for hiking, wild swimming, camping etc on your doorstep that you can arrange yourselves for free or at least cheaply. We hope these Local Communities will be key in helping you arrange more of your own adventures in your area as you will find an amazing group of people who are keen to go on adventures too. To facilitate this further we will be publishing ideas and advice on how you can plan more of your own adventures in those areas.

What about EC members outside the UK?

We realise that we have a large community of EC members outside of the UK. We are hoping to spread these groups to you very soon. We are only a small organisation working with very limited budgets but huge amounts of passion for what we are doing. Bear with us as we will get a chance very soon to help you grow a community in your area very soon. 

How can I help?

  • Join the communities and invite your adventure-minded friends.
  • The next time you fancy an adventure, don't hesitate! Post up an idea for a hike, swim, bike, camp near you and invite others from your Local Community to join you. You will find an amazing group of people who are keen to go on adventures too. More details are on the Facebook groups.
  • When you've found great adventures in your area, share them with us by emailing a short paragraph to enquiries@explorersconnect.com and we'll add them to the adventure directory for others to use as inspiration.