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We're a social group and where better to be social than on social media! Stay up-to-date with the latest goings on at OutdoorLads, find out first about new and featured events, browse photos and videos and get news from the outdoor and LGBT communities.


  Facebook - We post daily updates of
  upcoming events as well as featured hostel and camping weekends on our Facebook page. It's also a great place to chat to other Members from across the county and comment on what's happening at OutdoorLads.

You can also follow your OutdoorLads regional page:

   Twitter - We 'Tweet' throughout the
   day bringing you new events when they go live on the website as well as hot tips about upcoming hostel and camping weekends. We also share news from the outdoor and LGBT communities and we'll often retweet our partners who we think have something you'd like to see. At weekends we Tweet photos from Members showing what they've been up to on OutdoorLads' events! Search for us on Twitter - we're @OutdoorLads or just click the link below.

   Instagram - It's not all about what
   you've had for lunch! We share and 'regram' some of our best photos on our Instagram feed. Search for us on Instagram - we're @OutdoorLads or just click the link below.

   YouTube - There's no better way to
   show off what we get up to than watching some of the videos on our YouTube channel. You can see us white water rafting and coasteering at our annual BIG Spring Camp weekends in North Wales, join us skiing in the French Alps or watch real reviews from some of our Members.

   Flickr - We're constantly updating
   our Flickr photo library with memories from events. If you've taken a great shot whilst out walking in the hills, hanging off a climbing wall or kayaking across a lake, please let us have a copy.


Stay up-to-date with what's happening at EC! You can also get the latest goings-in via our social media channels (see the panel on the right to find out more).

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