Explorers Connect

Powering the Adventure Revolution


Welcome to EC CLUB, the community created to help you find more adventures on your doorstep, seek like-minded people to go with and help you do it cheaper! We're a group of like-minded people who want to have more adventures. We arrange our own activities from walking and kayaking to shark swimming and paragliding but also help you access other adventures and plan your own.

It's not just for the hardcore - it's for ordinary people who want to do extraordinary things. EC CLUB is open to anyone aged 18+. With varied events every month you're sure to have fun, meet new people and most importantly go on some great adventures!

Benefits to you include: 

  • NEW FOR 2018! Your very own EC t-shirt and EC sticker (when you choose an annual Membership) and reduced pricing on other items from the EC Shop.
  • Discounts on EC adventures, holidays and courses ranging from £15-£100 per weekend.
  • Discounted entry to EC Socials currently held in Bristol and London and coming soon to Manchester and Birmingham.
  • Access to exclusive EC CLUB Benefits with discounts off major brands including Cotswold Outdoor, Snow+Rock, Ellis Brigham and many, many more.
  • Personal invitations to exclusive events and adventures available only to EC CLUB Members.
  • Be part of an active adventure community of like-minded people.

Benefits to you and the community include:

  • Support the Explorers Connect movement to make adventure more accessible for everyone.
  • Join in creating a UK-wide database of free (and cheap!) adventures open to everyone to use.
  • Help us to connect adventure-seekers to each other to plan their own adventures.

Membership is just £4 per month or £40 for a whole year. Once you're an EC Club Member our online booking system will automatically recognise your membership so you’ll always get your EC CLUB Member discount. When making bookings with us you must sign into your account using the same email address as you used to enrol in membership. Your membership will renew automatically each month or year until you ask us to cancel.

The EC CLUB Benefits page is password protected and the password changes regularly. You can easily find the current password by signing in to your account at https://www.explorersconnect.com/book-now, clicking 'New Bookings' and clicking for more info on the event called 'CLUB MEMBER PASSWORD'. 

To get the most out of the club, as well as liking our Facebook Page you can also join the local EC Local Community nearest to you. We'll automatically add you to our monthly EC CLUB newsletter so you won't miss out on exciting news and adventures.