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Teammate Wanted for Instanbul to Shanghai Adventure

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Hi folks, 

I’m looking for bicycle travelling partners to join me on various legs of my upcoming bicycle journey across the Middle East, Central Asia and China. The plan at the moment is to leave from Istanbul in Spring 2016 (probably early March) and head east through Turkey, the Caucasus, and Iran. I then plan to ride through northern Afghanistan, take the Pamir Highway up through Uzbekistan and Tajikistan into Kyrgyzstan and then cross into the Xinjiang Province of China (possibly dipping into Kazakhstan briefly). Finally, I’ll nip across China to Shanghai. There is a possibility the trip may involve some packrafting too (maybe down the Yangtze River). 

I’m interested in speaking to anyone with a passion for long-distance human-powered travel as well as photographers and filmmakers who may be interested in helping with a couple of projects along the way (particularly in the Middle East).

Please see my website nickfromengland.com to get an idea of my past journeys, and contact me if you're at all interested in joining me on this trip (even just for week). I’m in London for the next month and would love to meet you. 

You will need to be in no particular order:

- A sunny disposition

- A healthy disregard for the impossible

- A determined soul

- An open mind

Cheers, Nick

This is a non-commercial expedition, costs will be shared equally between the members of the team.