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Things to Know Before Hiking in New Zealand

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Looking up for the best hiking experiences? New Zealand, hands down, is one of the bests you could ever imagine. The lush green forests, the breathtaking landscapes, mountain tops, captivating lakes and the most beautiful humans on Earth are sights you would see all the time.

As you visit New Zealand, be prepared to be MIND BLOWN because you are going to witness the real beauty of Mother Earth for the first time in your life.

The country, also known for the best of adventure activities, has to be the spot for next trip you are taking. Exploring, trekking, running and hiking are all a part of the beautiful country.

It would not be wrong to say that my entire life has changed once I have completed the great hike.

After hiking along the Mt. Doom on the North Island, I was all pumped up to try some more hikes in this oh-so-beautiful country.

PS- In New Zealand, the word Tramping is used synonymously for hiking and it usually involves walking through bushes for a number of days along with a backpack. 


While I was hiking on these great trails, I realised a few things one must know before going on any hike-

  1. Plan- Make sure you plan in advance. One of the worst mistakes you could make is assuming that you can book the great walks right on the spot. NOPE. With so many tourists in the country every year, the Great Walks are booked in well in advance. Make sure you do it well in advance.
  2. Get Yourself a Visa- As easy as it may seem to get a New Zealand visa, it is not. Visas to the country sometimes get rejected and understanding the reason behind the same is very difficult. It would be best to take advice from a travel consultant or any other firm that has sufficient knowledge regarding the same. While trekking is a great experience, it would not be possible without a visa.
  3. Join Backpacking Facebook Groups- Social Media is a great knowledge takeaway option. With plenty of knowledge available on the internet, joining these groups is one of the best things you can do. They have all the information about when and where the trek starts, the cost, the staying options and more such information that is mandatory for the trek.
  4. Prepare with everything required- The great walks of New Zealand may be in the most extreme climates, so having prepared you ensure you have enough clothing to cover up from the winter chills. Also, make sure you have enough supplies of socks and mufflers and food so you are not left cold and hungry at the same time. Ouch! You’ll only enjoy the experience if you are all full and covered up.
  5. On the Trek- You finally made it to the trek, Great! But, don’t be in a hush hush! You can always pick up pace during the first few kilometres but make sure you don’t exert yourself. It is going to be a long journey and you need to maintain your stamina. Also, once you are at the sight and along the way, click lots and lots of pictures (PS- You’ll thank us later for the picture tip.)
  6. Enjoy- Not only during the hike but during everything else as well enjoy what you are doing. The hiking experience is going to be the best in your entire life and you are sure to enjoy it. Especially during the New Zealand Hike, we tend to forget to enjoy, which should not be the case. Don’t fret much AND ENJOYYY!

Enjoy and good luck! Get walking!

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