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Are you planning a Journey of a Lifetime?

Fundingbelinda kirkComment

The Journey of a Lifetime Award, given by the Royal Geographical Society in partnership with BBC Radio 4, offers you the chance to make a 'journey of a lifetime' and to tell the world about it in a memorable piece of radio documentary-making.

The award offers a £5,000 grant for an original and inspiring journey anywhere in the world. The award recipient will receive training in radio broadcasting from the BBC and will record their experiences for a BBC Radio 4 documentary.

EC's very own Belinda Kirk has previously been a recipient of the award when she initiated and organised an expedition to the remote Chinese Taklamakan Desert looking for the elusive Bactrian camel. The expedition later became the focus of the hit Radio 4 show ‘Tales from the Back of Beyond’.


The 2017 Journey of a Lifetime Award recipient is Nicole Bennett-Fite, a Californian undergraduate student studying anthropology at Stanford University. For six weeks during May and June this year, Nicole travelled around the small Central Asian republic of Tajikistan and visited the remote Yagnob Valley, home to the last speakers of the Yagnobi language. Nicole recorded her journey for a BBC Radio 4 documentary that will be broadcast at 11am on Monday 23 October.

Find out more about the Award and how to apply at on the Royal Geographical Society website.

Female Adventurer - Teammate Wanted!

Join a Teambelinda kirk1 Comment

I am looking for a female adventurer who is willing to do a world first and kayak from Dover to the Black Sea which would also break two world records (longest kayak trip by two females and most distance covered by two females in a kayak over 24 hours - as this doesn't have a record yet!). The route will involve crossing the English channel and a series of rivers and canals in around 8 countries including the Danube and passing cities such as Prague and Vienna.

But most importantly is why I am doing this. I want to raise money for cancer research as my father unfortunately passed away when I was in my last year of school almost two years ago due to cancer and my best friend is still battling after four years of treatment. I also would like to raise awareness for women in sport and for the waterways environment during my crossing. These three things are very important to me and something I am very keen to represent in what will be a tough challenge!

Therefore, I am looking for a female who is willing to train for this adventure and do 60k a day in a double kayak to accomplish this trip in around 13 weeks starting around May 2018. 

No skills really needed, kayaking or river experience would be ideal though and to be fit enough for the challenge and doesn't mind camping. Mostly it's just enthusiasm and an interest in the causes I will be representing in this non commercial adventure. 

My email to contact is: k.culverwell123@gmail.com

Kate Culverwell

British Woman Launches World First Polar Expedition

Otherbelinda kirkComment
Wendy has the spirit of a true adventurer – courage, passion and optimism.

A unique expedition which will pioneer a new route to the South Pole launched officially on Sunday.

In the spirit of the great British Polar explorers, a team will be taking on a world first with a 400-mile route up a never-before-climbed glacier to reach the heart of the Antarctic continent.

Set to take up to 55 days, and with pulks (or sledges) weighing up to 120kg, the team will face temperatures down to -50, crevasses, white-outs and blizzards, in one of the most isolated places on Earth.

Travelling from the Ross Ice Shelf, across the Transantarctic Mountains and then to the Pole, the epic journey harks back to the golden age of Polar exploration.

Wendy Searle, a mother of four from Salisbury, Wiltshire, is organising the expedition. A veteran polar adventurer will act as team guide to ensure the expedition reaches its finish point – the geographic South Pole.

As well as treading a path which has never been walked before in history, the team will be working with scientists to bring back environmental data on climate change in this fragile and remote environment. In partnership with Exeter University, and using cutting-edge voice and facial recognition technology, the team will also be taking part in research on mental resilience at the limits of human endurance.

Modern-day explorer and star of the Walking the Nile, Levison Wood, is lending his patronage to the expedition.

“It’s so important to support each other. Ultimately we are all trying to keep the great traditions of British exploration alive and we are all on the same side.

“The major challenge of polar travel is dealing with the relentless landscape, which doesn’t change for days, or even weeks on end. This is pretty unique – even the desert has some variety! You’re out there in the icy cold with very little support and completely at the mercy of the weather.”

Women are in a minority when it comes to Polar journeys; one of the aims of the expedition is to inspire young women and girls to take more risks, and to accept more opportunities.

“I’ve never thought that being a woman could ever be something which could hold me back in any way – that’s never occurred to me. When I started researching Antarctica I fell in love with its mythical beauty. It has become something of a mission to reach the South Pole and bring back some useful work, just as the original Polar explorers like Scott, Shackleton and Mawson did,” Wendy added.

The launch was held at Gilbert White House in Alton, Hampshire, which holds the Captain Oates collection, the Polar explorer on Scott’s fateful journey to Pole in 1912 who famously sacrificed his own life to try and save his team mates.

Expedition patron Patrick Cordingley OBE, who was at the launch, said:

“Wendy has the spirit of a true adventurer – courage, passion and optimism. Mounting an ambitious expedition like this is no small undertaking. Partnership work with companies who have a similarly ambitious outlook will ensure the expedition achieves its aims.”

For more information, or to support the expedition, visit www.southpole2020.com