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Welcome to a community of 27,000 people who like to explore new places, try new experiences, meet new people and live more adventurously

Explorer & Campaigner, Belinda Kirk established Explorers Connect as a not-for-profit organisation to help people live more adventurously.  The modern world has become too easy, too averse to challenge and too disconnected from nature. This is having a negative effect on our physical and mental health. What we need is an #AdventureRevolution

"I’ve seen adventure change people’s lives and it changed mine, by giving inspiration, building confidence and creativity and bringing people together. The Explorers Connect community believes in making the most of life; together we are making a real difference and having fun"  - Belinda Kirk

At Explorers Connect we want to make it easy for you to have more adventures. Come on your own or bring your friends. Everyone is welcome!

How We Achieve This

  • We provide an online home for adventure-seekers to connect, plan and share their own adventures
  • We run unique, affordable and unforgettable adventures, holidays and courses in the UK and abroad
  • We host regular social events where a speaker from the EC community shares their latest adventure with us
  • We help you find jobs in the adventure, expedition and outdoors industry
  • Our annual party is Britain's Most Adventurous Festival Base Camp Festival 
  • We invented Wild Night Out - Britain's National Day of Adventure

 Join our community for only £40 per year and have access to ALL our adventures or come along to one of our social events to find out more. 

You can also connect for FREE with other adventurers to plan your own adventure in the UK or Abroad  

Sir Ranulph Fiennes: "I'm right behind the guys at Explorers Connect - there's an explorer in us all and with this fast growing and friendly community, there's real scope for us all to participate, to inspire and to be inspired - to push some boundaries!”

Bear Grylls“Explorers Connect helps aspiring adventurers to make significant steps towards their dreams – and we all need a little help sometimes!  It is about sharing skills, knowledge and resources with like-minded folk and making the world both smaller and bigger!” 

Great fun with knowledgeable & experienced instructors - would recommend to anyone wishing to advance or refresh their navigation
Always have such fun on these weekends - a great dose of adventure and lots of laughs!
— Abby Frear, MAR 2017
An authentic group of real adventurers, for those with a passion for the outdoors and really exploring. Will come back again soon
— Maria Riley, FEB 2017
Super weekend and group. Excellent gluten free food!
— Briegeen Dolby, FEB 2017
Great way to meet like-minded, adventurous and outdoors types and a lovely way to pack a lot of adventure into a weekend. I will definitely be back
— Elaine Seggerman, JAN 2017
Excellent experience. Expectations exceeded.
— Rui Silva, April 2017
For my first EC adventure it was great to meet a range of people from all walks of life
Company was great, food great, organisation great, venue was great. Never been canoeing before but I would love to do it again
— Helen Pickles, MAR 2017
The guides were very experienced, calm and kind. They helped me through challenges I never felt possible!
— Kate Knight MAR 2017
I had an amazing time on the EC Lighthouse weekend. Such a unique and special place to stay. Belinda & Jim knew loads about the area & wildlife, so not only were the walks beautiful, they were also interesting and educational. Everyone is really nice - a good group of people
— Olivia Prutz, FEB 2017
This was my first EC weekend and certainly not my last. I feel we packed in three weekends into two days, the company of likeminded people, along with the big skies was an uplifting and inspiring break. Join EC to inject adventure into your life!
— Vanessa Richards, JAN 2017
A great weekend which was well organised, friendly people both organising and attending, well catered for and I learnt so much. I definitely feel more confident to do more adventures now
— Leanne Downs, August 2106
Excellent teaching in a very relaxed and friendly environment. Great weekend for anyone who loves hiking
— Rosemary McDonall, August 2016
Great accommodation, fantastic company as always, great mix of fun, relaxation and activities. Would recommend this weekend to anyone
— Simon Withington, June 2016
I’ve just come back from the Arctic and the adventure of my life. The whole team was put together through Explorers Connect. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve it without you. Thank you.
Awesome weekend of fresh air, sea and plenty of food.Amazing experience swimming with seals and got a great surf in too - what more could you want?Thanks for fantastic hospitality once again
— Pippa Taylor, June 2016
Another Awesome Weekend! Thanks - you guys rock!
— Peter Snowman, June 2016
Very clear calm instructing. Learnt a lot in a non-pressurised way. Excellent weekend, good company and teaching. Achieved way more than I expected
Loved it thanks :) Walks were lovely, great setting and food was delicious. Looking forward to the next Explorers Connect weekend
Love what your doing, it’s kicked started me to change my career and move into outdoor education!
Blimey - I knew Bristol was great already (West Country is best country and all that) but found a whole new world when I wandered into my very first EC monthly drinks/talk. Some chap was nattering on about wild swimming (Dan Start - great book, check it out!) and there were all of these massively friendly outdoorsy happy people! Since then I’ve been wild camping a bunch of times, found a love of bouldering, made some really excellent friends, and been inspired to sign up to some bigger adventures and even start planning my own! Everyone should join Explorers Connect, even if it’s just to come to some epic talks. Be careful, you probably won’t stop there - massive gateway drug... and don’t even get me started about Base Camp Festival!!
Thank you Belinda Kirk and Amy Bibby and everybody on The Island weekend escape. That was the best weekend I have had in a long time. Kayaking was brilliant, exploring was fun, as it is such a beautiful island, even in the rain. Hanging out with James Starr and James Bibby was a real treat. I really enjoyed their passion for wildlife and nature, especially anything covered in feathers. The rest of the group were a truly wonderful bunch, every one of you. It was a privilege to meet you all and spend time with you
— Rod Newing, May 2016
Belinda - what a fab weekend! Really enjoyed it and wanted to say thanks again for being you and making these things happen in a world that really needs these things to happen. See you very soon
— Jean Morris, May 2016
What a lovely bunch of people.... thank you for taking my EC virginity, a really well organised trip, great to meet you all.... thank you for being so warm and friendly xx
Great course. Instructors were informative and knowledgeable. I have learnt a lot this weekend and refreshed skills I have not used for a long time. Very pleased!
Having moved back to Bristol after a break up, I felt lost, dislocated, needing a way to meet new people and activities. While I used to be very active, I have found I have slowed down and wished to restart an active life. I remember my first event I attended at Explorers Connect. I found I was nervous and apprehensive. I was warmly welcomed by Belinda. The people all around I found friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Belinda explained at the start of the evening that Explorers Connect was all about meeting people and going on adventures large and small, challenging and for fun. I have attended several events from camping to helping to re-establish an old arboretum. One of the best weekends was at Base Camp Festival this was an amazing weekend, with adventure activities all day and lectures from adventures. Followed by live bands at night. It was truly fantastic a great time with great people and inspirational. Having shied away from festivals my overall feeling was a group of people incredible friendly sharing fun.
So come along, try something new, meet new friendly people and experience adventure large and small.
— Nick Duncan May 2016
Explorers Connect is a fun, inspiring and amazing group of individuals who love adventure, want to see the world and do something different. Since joining Explorers Connect just over a year ago my world has been opened up. Explorers Connect has helped me to do things I would never have imagined doing. The monthly talks, weekend adventures, Base Camp Festival, groups and website have been amazing. EC shows you that adventure is open to everyone and that there are people out there who want to help you experience it.
Top Notch Course. Happy Days. Great location, great people, really happy with what I have learnt
I really enjoyed the Skills for the Hills Course and have got our of it exactly what I wanted. I now have the confidence and skills to go out on my own and with friends into the outdoors
In the last 4 years I’ve been on three amazing expeditions, all thanks to Explorers Connect. I found team mates and advice through the community - without which I wouldn’t have succeeded - as well as an overwhelming feeling of support from coming to your events. I tell all my friends about Explorers Connect
I joined explorers connect in 2012. I’d returned to the UK from NZ to a new city and looking to make new friends, continue the outdoor lifestyle I’d become so used to and make the most of precious weekends off with adventurous trips away. Brilliantly, I found Explorers Connect, a community of friendly, fun-loving folk led by the ever-inspiring Belinda Kirk who’s passion, energy and zest for life is endless and wonderfully infectious. She’ll be modest and humble and try to take little credit but the great culture of the Explorers organisation and community is down to her warmth, generosity and great drive to inspire and connect those who share a passion for making the most of life
I don’t think the child in me has ever left. I still want to go out and have adventure. What’s more doing this with like-minded people gives a real buzz and that’s what Explorers Connect is all about. We get to do some unusual events which you may not consider or even be able to do on your own. This year I have cycled round the Isle of Wight, kayaked underneath Bristol and orienteered on an island in the dark! I have met loads of new people and never laughed so much in my life. Each weekend has seemed like a non-stop party. We are still up for some serious challenges and discussions though and these have inspired me to continue my adventures both with EC and on my own