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EC Stories Bristol: A Worldwide Campaign by Bamboo Bike, 7th March 2019

Having spent 5 years working in marine conservation in Mexico, Seychelles, Indonesia, Ecuador and Mozambique, Libby Bowles has seen firsthand the devastating effect that plastic is having on the ocean’s inhabitants and knew she had to do something about it.  In 2015 she returned home to the UK to teaching, but was challenged to take her dream bigger and better.  After a wild brainstorming session with her pupils, Libby’s life once again headed for a dramatic change.

Armed with a letter of encouragement from David Attenborough and a homemade bamboo bicycle to get from school to school, Libby set off on a worldwide ocean plastics education tour.  For 5 months she cycled around New Zealand, running workshops for over 7,000 school children and 900 adults and there were plenty of adventures along the way.   Cycling across Africa came next and Libby is now back home in the UK, continuing with her ocean plastics cycling mission, delivering workshops to school children, university students, corporates and the general public.  Everyone has the power to make a difference and Libby is not short of enthusiasm or ideas to help us all tread lighter on our beautiful little planet. 


The Square Club, 15 Berkeley Square, BS8 1HB

Thursday 7th March 2019

6.30pm: Doors open

7.00pm: Talk starts


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