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EC London Stories 13 July: Swimming Across the Arctic Circle

Get inspired at our EC Stories event on Thursday 13 July. This month we’ll hear from three brothers about their incredible wild swimming journeys tackling some of the most dangerous and powerful maelstroms across Scotland, Norway and the Arctic Circle, setting a record along the way!

Jack, Calum and Robbie Hudson grew up in the Lake District, where they loved nothing more than exploring the surrounding waters, wild swimming, they found, was a great way of staying healthy, as well as being a fathomless source of fun.

As they grew older and left school, wound-up at different universities and settled into life in their respective cities, it soon became apparent that they were growing increasingly more and more detached from the natural world, and each other too. Inspired by the death of their beloved Grandma Wild and a deep desire to reconnect with the natural world  they decided to join together to create the Wild Swimming Brothers.

In 2015, the Wild Swimming Brothers swam together across the Corryvreckan maelstrom (the third most dangerous in the world), between the rugged Scottish islands of Jura and Scarba. Then they spent 9 days swimming the full 90-miles of the River Eden, which once flowed past the foot of their childhood home. Finally, just over a year later in 2016, they swam across the most powerful maelstrom in the world, the Saltstraumen, and the largest maelstrom in the world, the Moskstraumen, in Norway's Arctic Circle. Except for the Corryvreckan, no one had ever attempted any of these swims before and whilst crossing the Moskstraumen the brothers also set the record for the longest swim within the Arctic Circle.

In this talk Jack and Calum will take you on a wild swimming journey from being little children growing up in the waters of the Lake District, to swimming side by side as brothers across the three biggest whirlpools in the world deep within the Arctic Circle, showing you along the way how you can take your very first steps to creating an adventure you'll never forget.


Prince of Wales, 150-151 Drury Lane, London WC2B 5TD

6.30pm: Doors open.

7.00pm: Talk starts (please note new earlier start time)

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