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The Adventure Team are EC Members and volunteers who help to host our adventures, and who also arrange free events in and around our main city hubs (currently London and Bristol), with other members of the community for the community. These free events will be listed on our local community Facebook Groups.

If you want an adventure, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, then maybe you can join the Adventure Team!

We're actively looking for new members of The Adventure Team who can act as volunteer hosts for our weekend adventures or lead walks or other activities. If you think you may be interested, please email belinda@explorersconnect.com


Neil Froggitt

A landscape gardener by trade, I spend most of my time exploring the UK and the rest of world, notching up experiences as I go. It's not unusual for me to be packing up for a weekend away for a spot of pack-rafting, trekking, stand-up paddleboarding or exploring different areas of the country. An active adventure seeker and intrepid traveler by nature, I have already successfully trekked to Everest Base Camp and explored the relatively untouched Myanmar.

Heather Bolton

I grew up in Scotland but never really appreciated the fun that could be had outdoors until I moved away from it. I love the buzz and bustle of London but that's best when it's balanced with a healthy dose of fresh air and open spaces. I'm glad to be involved in mini-adventures with Explorers Connect: it's so easy to turn a weekend or evening into something fun without any big fuss in organising. My favourite things are bikes, mountains and campfires so I'm hoping to get involved in adventures that combine any of those. 

Will Phillips

I am a Visual Effects artist, working on films in a darkened basement. Being a graduate in Zoology, I'm still not quite sure how I ended up living in London and working behind a computer for my day job! However, I balance my time spent indoors by getting outside as much as possible. I love to have a midweek mini-adventure whenever possible and to get out on the water on my stand-up paddleboard.  I am currently training to cross the Channel by SUP and am always on the looking for an adventure - big or small!

Caroline Jack

Twelve years ago I left a career in the city to retrain as an osteopath and pilates teacher.  Being in the outdoors has always been an important part of my life and my favourite way to escape from it all is by long distance trekking. A few trips I have really loved include the Tour de Mont Blanc, the Haute Route and Annapurna Basecamp.  Recently, I have had some bike adventures including cycling around Kilimanjaro. I am also happy just to escape for nights wildcamping. I have been involved with EC for the last few years and love the ethos of making adventure both large and small so accessible, and am looking forward to an adventurous 2017.

Louise Treves

I'm a civil servant by trade, and only recently got into the outdoors having hated doing D of E at school - we got blisters, we got lost, we nearly set our tent on fire, that sort of thing.... These days, thanks to groups like EC, I know either how to avoid getting into those situations, or what to do if it still goes a bit wrong, and try to cram in as much hiking, camping (preferably wild), travelling to weird and wonderful places, and learning new skills as I can. So it's definitely time to help get fellow EC members out and about as much as possible - look forward to meeting everyone! 



Simon Jones

I’ve been a member of Explorers Connect for a few years and always enjoyed combining being outdoors and physical activity. I’m a big distance runner and really enjoy helping others either start or improve their running. Recently, I’ve become a UK athletics licensed running coach. I’ve been lucky to have had some good travel experiences, including living in a tent for a month. I like spending time in the mountains or doing anything that’s a little bit adventurous.

John Hocking

I'm a hillwalker, mountain biker, kayaker and climber: but, truth be told, I'm up for most adventures if there's a pie and a pint at the end! My ideal adventure would be either a walk around the moors or mountains with a night wild camping or a kayak trip with a night on a secluded inaccessible beach. That being said, I have a busy job and home life commitments; I'm just as happy squeezing in a 5-9 mini-adventure in the nearby area!

Pippa Taylor

I am happiest when I'm outdoors, breathing in fresh air and stunning views. I love hiking and regularly visit the Brecon Beacons as well as making trips further afield. I love all water sports and last year I dived into long distance open water swimming culminating in completing the Dart10K. This year I have bought a touring bike in search for a new challenge and new adventures. You could say I am jack of all trades and master of none!

steve a team.jpg

Steve Bullock

I like a bit of everything -- hiking, biking, climbing, running, kayaking, rowing... Jack of all trades, master of none, will give anything a go! By day I'm an utter nerd -- physics teacher turned engineering lecturer, also host The Cosmic Shed podcast. Big goals include long-distance cycle and a few more 4,000m+ peaks! I'll be arranging some stargazing micro-adventures and a few other events.


Nick Duncan

I have always dabbled with adventure and have tried a lot of different disciplines. I really like walking and camping especially if I can help people in the process. I am not an extreme adventurer and due to work commitments short adventures works best for me. I have been involved with Explorers Connect for about four years and thoroughly enjoy and recommend it! I still have a lot to learn however I cannot wait to help such an amazing group of people. I love fossilling and photography so will be trying to organise fossil hunts, or photography adventures.


More About The Adventure Team 

  • The Adventure Team are volunteers making adventures happened for the EC community

  • The Adventure Team are not guides or instructors; they simply want to help make things happen for each other and the community

  • The Adventure Team will help arrange adventures - with you and other members of the community - but they will not be leading or 'in-charge'

  • On these free adventure events, everyone will be responsible for themselves and each others safety, equally as a team.

  • We need your help too - please come and join the adventures but also feel free to help out in organising them if you like too

  • You can also join the Adventure Team yourself by emailing belinda@explorersconnect.com