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An expedition to Svalbard, from London, by human power alone - Advice needed

CYCLE, OTHER, ROWING, SWIM, TRAIL RUNbelinda kirk1 Comment

I’ve been planning a unique and extreme expedition with a good friend for the last couple of years. The mission is to get to Svalbard, an island in the Arctic, from London, by human power alone. 

Our route is broken down into four stages; a run from London to Dover (87 miles), a swim across the English Channel (21 miles), a cycle from Calais to Tromso, in Northern Norway (over 2,000 miles) and finally a row from Tromso to Longyearbyen, Svalbard (over 700 miles). We begin on the 10th June, 2017, and aim to reach our destination by the end of August. 

We aim to raise over £100,000 for the Scout Association. We have a website going live in the next couple of weeks to launch to the world. We have managed to raise over 50% of the expedition costs through corporate sponsorship. I wanted to send a message to this community to see if like minded people have any ideas on how we can raise the rest. We are spreading the word as far and wide as possible. We know that there are huge benefits for companies to get involved in this however it’s about who you know and our list of contacts is not huge! 

  If anyone has any advice on this please do get in touch with Poldy at hello@arch2arctic.com

The website url will be www.arch2arctic.com however until we go live the site is http://4d8.acb.myftpupload.com/

This is a non-commercial expedition