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Step by Step: Mindfulness in Nature

It can be hard to switch off from modern life: work commitments, social media, (terrifying) world news,  the daily commute or a broken washing machine constantly put pressures on our time. 

Step in mindfulness, a term to describe the mental state of feeling present in the moment by turning off the background noise and focusing just on what's in front of you. Meditation and mindfulness has proven to be an effective antidote to modern life. 


“Outdoor adventure is my meditation, and always has been”, says Belinda Kirk, founder of Explorers Connect.

At Explorers Connect, we believe strongly in the psychological benefits of getting outdoors. Most city slickers find huge benefits to their wellbeing once they get active in nature. We repeatedly hear from Explorers Connect members that building a relationship with the outdoors has been positive for their wellbeing - it's the perfect 'refresh' button.


We've taken what we've learnt over the last 5 years and designed a course with an experienced mindfulness coach specifically focused on mindfulness in outdoor activity and nature.

The aim is for you to learn techniques that you can use every time you are in the great outdoors; these techniques will enhance your experience of your adventures and switch off from the modern background noise. The course is open to complete beginners or those who have done some meditation in the past and want to link it to nature. 

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