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Bushcraft Skills date TBC

Join us for a wild weekend in the woods learning the skills of Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Living.

Learn a range of skills over the weekend on this varied course.  We will learn how to make our own shelters to sleep in and how to light fires using primitive and modern methods both to keep warm and cook our food.  We’ll learn to find and prepare safe drinking water in a range of environments, navigate our way to safety using natural indicators and catch, inspect and prepare wild game for our meals, enjoying several group meals cooked over the campfire.  Importantly, we’ll learn how to use cutting tools safely and productively and even make camp furniture that we can take away with us.  In the evening we’ll build our own sweat lodge - like an outdoor sauna - and take part in a traditional Native Indian sweat lodge ceremony to cleanse our mind, body and soul.

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